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One of Ghana’s best manufacturers and distributers of organic fruits – vegetable juice and smoothies. GreenLine (GL) owns and operates a factory in Tesano. This asset is the spine to GL’s capacity to serve both domestic and international markets. As a manufacturer and distributer, GL always has quality to a key priority. Our objective is to endlessly improve and advance our production process in order to guarantee the best and safest products for our consumers. GL product range can be summarized into 2 categories; juices and smoothies. All fresh fruits and veggies are cautiously selected and conveyed directly to our factory, where each raw material is carefully graded, sorted and trimmed in accordance with customary specifications set by our quality control department. Focusing on fruit juice and smoothies, we offer these products in bottles, lid cups and carton packages, satisfying both the take-home and on-the-go markets. As with all our products, only finely selected, fresh raw materials will undergo our standard production process to ensure food safety and retain fresh flavors. GL as a manufacturer and distributor of processed fruits – vegetable juice smoothies, seek to deliver healthy and organic drinkables to our consumers, especially Hotels, businesses, recreational and health facilities. In doing so, GL will endlessly innovate in new products to serve the growing